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At PaulSearch we are Google AdWords Professionals which means we have passed the Google AdWords exam. We have over 10 years experience in managing PPC campaigns for clients of all sizes.

Pay Per Click advertising is becoming more and more complicated. Well managed optimised ads will improve the Return on Investment and increase sales. This, with the help of conversion tracking is key to any good PPC campaign. Anyone can get more clicks to a website, but a true Pay Per Click expert will look beyond clicks; and look at sales and revenue too. There痴 not much point in getting lots of people to a site that they don稚 want the service of!

PaulSearch can provide Pay Per Click Management with many media owners. Google AdWords is the most important for advertisers in the UK. They have the majority of click throughs. Other PPC providers can include Bing, Yahoo and Facebook. Depending on the budget and requirements will depend on what sites we advertise on.

Here is the process we follow to ensure your PPC campaign works as hard as possible for you:

working cycle

Option 1

Set Up Only

We値l set you up with a tailor made campaign for your business. All we値l need from you is what area of the site you壇 like to promote, and we値l do the rest! We値l include set up and implementation of a Google AdWords campaign and a Gmail account. We値l mine relevant keywords for your product/service and set them up in various groups, with targeted adverts written for each of those ads.

We値l hand over the control of your account so all you値l need to do is set the account live and mange it.

Option 2

Set Up & Management

If you池e too busy to manage the campaign yourself, or feel you壇 rather have an expert managing your PPC campaign for you, don稚 panic! Our second option will include everything from Option 1 with the added benefit of management too.

We値l send you a weekly report detailing clicks, cost, and other important information about the campaign. We can even report on sales too, if you are able to put a small piece of code on your site. We値l also send a monthly summary so you can see at a glance how the campaign is performing. This will free up your time and you値l be safe in the knowledge that experts are working on your campaigns.

A summary of the costs are in the table below:

PaulSearch Pay Per Click Campaign Management Services

PPC Package

Monthly Budget up to £500

Monthly Budget up to £1000

Monthly Budget up to £2000

Monthly Budget up to £5000

Setup Cost £150 £300 £600 £1,000
Monthly Management Fee £100 £150 £250 £500
Initializing the Project
Account Setup
Conversion Code Consultation
Initial Call Setup
Campaign Optimisation
Keyword Research & Bid Management
A/B Ad Copy Testing
Conversion Tracking
Campaign Tweaking
Weekly Report
Monthly Report
Advanced Reports
Setup Only Flat fee of 」350

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